tinaroo barra bash

The Barra Bash

The Tinaroo Barra Bash

Plenty of Huge Barra at Tinaroo

The Tinaroo Barra Bash — Is one of our two fish monitoring tools. The Tableland Fish Stocking Society’s main aim was to see exactly what sized fish were surviving so that we had data to prove to the government and ourselves that our stocking was working  and if there were any years fish which obviously did not survive….these we call ‘windows’ in our stockings.

For size survival surveys, by way of the Tinaroo Barra Bash, is how we find the largest fish and smallest fish and mystery weight fish and give prizes for them.  This gives us an overview of what sizes are in the dam.

In the past we have use other monitoring tools such as tagging fish. When thought small fish were not surviving in good numbers, we decided to put in bigger fish, 30cm (12 inches) and periodically tagging these fish so that we could learn from the captured fish tag returns  —-

When and where they were introduced?

Their length and how much they have grown? 

How long they had been in the dam? 

If they were released? 


If you catch a tagged fish please register your catch on the Infofish Website  Follow the links for online reporting, email, fax or mail details.

SIPS Forms or a ‘stocked impoundment permit’ is a Queensland Fisheries requirement while fishing Tinaroo by all persons 18 years and older.

Please tick the ‘Tinaroo Falls Dam’ on the back of your (SIPS) Permit application as 75% of the money raised by these permits is given back to the Tinaroo Fish Stocking Society Inc. 

2013-2014 Lake Tinaroo share of the SIPs money was $58,000.  At approximately $6 per fish that is equates to approximately 9,500 fish going into the dam in one year.  This varies from year to year.

The SIPs forms can be accessed at Stocked Impoundment Permit or at the stores listed below. Barra Bash Nomination Forms will be available closer to the event date from these outlets:

SIPs Forms Outlets

  • SPORTS NORTH – Mareeba and Atherton
  • WORLD RECORD BARRA TACKLE – Yungaburra Pharmacy

For information regarding the recreational fishing rules that apply to Queensland, please see  Fisheries Rules and Regulations

Anglers in the 2013 barra bash weighed 74 barramundi.

National Park Camping is available and people can book online with National Parks.

Please check our Sponsors list first for your accommodation and boat hire

Fish from our purpose built hatchery will be released at approximately 10-30am on Sunday before the Presentation  This will take place directly downhill from the Presentation site. We will need lots of children and parents to assist in the release.

There is a wide variety of food made available on Sunday by a number of outlets at the Presentation site.

Our members are very proud of the fishery they have built and if you want to become involved then come join us.

This is the mission statement of the Tinaroo Fish Stocking Society;  to build a healthy fishery and to improve the lifestyle of local families and visitors.  

This is a ‘Put and Take’ Fishery. So we PUT them in –so that  you can TAKE them out.